About: BRM Style

Easy Listening

Happy songs, sad songs, funny songs, love songs, and songs about life in general.
The great advantage of being a folk-musician is exposure to many musical genres:
Soul, Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Negro Spirituals, protest songs and songs about social justice.

In addition to some self-penned works I sing covers of the following artists:

Paul Simon, The Seekers, John Denver, Lennon & McCartney, Michael Buble,
Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Andy Williams, Elvis Presely, Perry Como and MORE.

My current repertoire can be found HERE.

The bar-chart below represents the respective genres featured in each concert.


About: Musical Experience

I have been playing music since my eighth birthday. I was hoping
for a guitar but, apparently, I was setting my sights a bit too high.
My parents gave me a plastic ukulele instead.

My Plastic Era

Ukulele, Recorder and Melodica

The ukulele lasted until the one of the tuning pegs broke.
From age nine I studied the (plastic) descant recorder at school. Privately, I taught myself to play the Melodica Soprano. True, this sported a steel body but the mouthpiece and keys were 100% plastic.

My plywood era

First Guitar

After a brief flirtation with a clarinet my thoughts returned to my first love. With my first pay-check I bought the cheapest guitar I could find. They say a bad workman always blames his tools, yet my playing improved dramatically when I upgraded to a unit with a finger-board that wasn't warped.

Performance experience

Solo, Duo, Group

Since the 70s I have played publically on an ad-hoc basis in a variety of settings. I launched into performing in aged care sites at the beginning of 2016. Performances are currently averaging three a week.


Soft synths

Backing tracks sometimes need adjustments to key or tempo. Sometimes the track I need is not avalaible for purchase so I make one myself, recording live instruments, a variety of software programs and sound-sampling suites.