About Me...


I have been composing and playing music for almost six decades. Since 2016 I have been entertaining audiences (most frequently in Aged Care) all over the Adelaide metro area, performing over 300 concerts.
In each concert, when not accompanying myself on guitar, ukulele or mandolin, I will use backing-tracks, some of which I have produced myself.


Happy songs, sad songs, funny songs, love songs, and songs about life in general. The great advantage of being a folk-musician is exposure to many musical genres: Soul, Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Negro Spirituals, protest songs and songs about social justice. In addition to some self-penned works I sing covers of the following artists: Paul Simon, The Seekers, John Denver, Lennon & McCartney, Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Andy Williams, Elvis Presely, Perry Como and MORE.



I have been playing music since my eighth birthday. I had hoped for a guitar but my parents gave me a plastic ukulele instead. This was followed a year later by a plastic descant recorder. I must have made a good impression because the next instrument (a melodica) had a metal body. The keys were plastic but I was prepared to overlook that. In my mid-teens I graduated from plastic to wood when I bought my first guitar. It was made principally of plywood and was a devil to tune but it got me started. Over the years I have upgraded to better instruments and have a added ukulele and mandolin to the collection.