What I can provide:

A one hour performance is standard (no breaks) and consists of up to twenty-four songs.

  • P.O.A.

    Option 1

    Standard one hour program (no breaks).

  • P.O.A.

    Option 2

    2 hour program (includes two short breaks).

  • P.O.A.

    Option 3

    3 hour program (includes 3-4 short breaks).

  • Currently Serving:

    Allity Aged Care, Amber Aged Care, Anglicare, Calvary Care, Clayton Church Homes, Dunbar Homes, Eldercare, Estia Health, HammondCare, Helping Hand, Infin8 Care, Kalyra Aged Care, Opal Aged Care, Regis Aged Care, Rembrandt Living, Resthaven, Salvation Army, Southern Cross Care, Uniting SA, Warrina Homes

    What people are saying about my concerts:

    "That was much better than some of the entertainers we have seen so far."
    -Rebecca / Lifestyle Coordinator

    "Great selection of songs - just right for this age-group."
    -Jo-Ann / Lifestyle assistant

    "That was the most exciting time I've had in years!"
    - Audrey / Aged Care Resident