What I can provide:

A one hour performance is standard (no breaks) and consists of up to twenty-four songs.
For special events such as an 'Open Day' we can design a programme lasting two to three hours.

Option 1

Standard one hour program (no breaks).

Option 2

2 hour program (includes two short breaks).

Option 3

3 hour program (includes 4-5 shorter breaks).

Your idea

I am happy to discuss your unique idea.

Open Days

Morning or afternoon programs

Special Days

1 hr Australia Day, St Patrick's Day, Bastille Day...

Ready to book me or like to know more?

Please feel free to contact me by phone
or via the online contact form:

What people are saying about my shows:

I am pleased to say that the feedback I have received from
clients and residents has always been positive.

"That was much better than some of the entertainers we have seen so far."

-Rebecca / Lifestyle Coordinator

"Great selection of songs - just right for this age-group."

-Jo-Ann / Lifestyle assistant

(While I was packing up) "If you don't get out of here soon we're going to keep you here for good!"

-Maureen / Aged Care Resident