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Over 90 percent of the tracks in these four albums are self-penned.
Brian also composed and arranged the music for several others.

Much of the backing music was recorded in Nashville, and features top session
musicians such as Blair Masters (piano), Dave Cleveland, Joe Robinson Pat McGrath,
Eddy Dunlap (guitars), Andy Leftwich (mandola and mandolin), Gene Rabbai
(organ) Craig Young, Dow Tomlin (bass), Brian Fullen, Craig Scott (drums),
and L.D. Miller (harmonica) to name but a few.

Various other instruments were added to these basic tracks locally to enrich the overall
feel of the music and give it greater fullness and depth. These were recorded, mixed,
mastered and produced at Brian's studio in Hawthorn, South Australia.

What people are saying about my music:

(just a few unsolicited comments)

"I really like your vocals and the whole write and production was very well done. I thoroughly enjoyed my listen."

-Tommy / Florida

"Hi Brian, Wow!!!! A great listen on every level. Your writing is incredibly strong, your arrangements carry the listener along on a current of entertainment and your singing is superb! In addition to the above, the mix is excellent. Everything resonates with clarity and showcases your vocals perfectly."

-Noel / Australia

"Interesting songs. Awesome vocal tracks, production and mix. You did good!"

-Jim Fogle / Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Other Comments:

"Your song, Going Back To Chicago, is such a 'jaunting, rollicking' tune that it made me want to sing along with it. (Bluage, Washington State)
"Going Back to Chicago. Nicely done, delightfully catchy, with a nice upbeat groove and a strong catchy hook. This is the kind of tune that you can't help but smile to. I thought the mix was fantastic too - really professional and concise." (Deryk, PG Music Staff)
Waltzing Through A Dream. "Really pretty. All the melodies are strong and feel right. The progression and backing fit beautifully. The melody is still playing in my head as I type, and that's almost always a good thing." (Tangmo, West Tennessee)
The Fairy-folk Waltz: Nice work! Fantastic choice of instrumentation on this. This sounds very full and the chord progression is very nice." (Joe, PG Music).

The melody, the voices and the mandolin somehow remind me of ABBA, or something European from the 70's. Still, enjoyable song giving me wings for flying (with the fairies) to relax on a sunny Mediterranean beach." (Janne, Finland)
Inspiracion: "I'm a sucker for a great instrumental and this has me smiling! The selection of instruments and the mix is as perfect as can be. Nice work in all facets of the song. Great stuff. (Alan, Alabama)